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I am really into computers. I finally found something that I really like to do that makes me a GOOD living. I am a former hacker who has 'sold out' to 'the man'. In other words, I have turned legit, I keep the hackers out now!!!

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Posted by: mezz (
Date Posted: 09/22/02 (03:54AM)
ahah alright, ill tell you what, its called, "a hairdresser"
Posted by: flip (
Date Posted: 09/22/02 (06:58AM)
jesus u joe dirt mullet kid wannabe hav u heard of hair cuts? or a BRUSH??? damn u must smell!
Posted by: Carla Henley (
Date Posted: 09/23/02 (05:32AM)
Posted by: PICTURE GIRL (
Date Posted: 09/24/02 (06:09PM)
At least your are happy with your life unlike most of these other WANKERS
Posted by: skwerl (
Date Posted: 09/25/02 (10:20AM)
HOw does one learn how to do what you do? i.e. what classes etc. do i take? Mail me and let me know
Posted by: Sandy (
Date Posted: 09/26/02 (12:40PM)
people with long hair do not smell...I like his hair. He's happy and at ease with what he's doing. Envy is raising it's ugly head (again).
Posted by: shirl (
Date Posted: 10/02/02 (09:54AM)

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